How We Protect You

How We Protect

We take many precautions to protect the online banking environment and ensure your information is safe. Our online services offer you the best security currently available in a commercial environment so that your personal and financial information is protected while in transit between your computer and our server. This is done through the use of industry standard security techniques such as encryption. Encryption ensures that information cannot be read in transit or changed by scrambling the data using a complex mathematical formula. We only use the strongest channel available - referred to as 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

We also ensure that only individuals who provide an authentic Personal Access Code can access your account information. To help you protect your information your online banking session will end automatically if there has been no activity for 15 minutes. also uses cookies to identify you as you move around in the site and when you come back to it. They can only be read by the our server. Cookies are used for the Memorized Accounts, My Stocks, and My Markets features.

Cookies must be enabled for you to visit and use Online Banking.

There are two types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies: these are not stored on your hard drive; they are stored in the memory and deleted when you log off Online Banking or clear cookies
  2. Persistent cookies: these are stored on your hard drive and recalled at your next visit. It is not possible to use cookies to run programs or infect a computer with a virus.

Access to our databases is strictly managed and systems are in place to ensure security is not breached, including the physical security of our computer hardware and communications.

For more information on the specific policies and practices that we use to safeguard your personal and financial information, please click here to view our Privacy Statement.