2022 Annual General Meeting

Join us at our 2022 AGM on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Columbia Valley Credit Union members are invited to cast their ballots for our Board of Directors and vote on a special resolution on director renumeration. Voting will happen in advance of the AGM, starting March 11 and running until midnight on April 11. Members can vote online or in-person at the branch. The results of the vote will be announced at the AGM.

Everything you need to know on how to vote and attend the AGM can be found below.

Board of Director Candidates

There are two vacancies to be filled and three candidates running for election for a three-year term:

  • Nola Milum – Incumbent
  • Monica Parkinson – Nominee
  • Scott Weir – Nominee

See below for statements from each of the candidates.

Voter Eligibility and Election Rules

In order to vote, you must be:

  • An adult member (19 years of age or older)
  • A Columbia Valley Credit Union member for 90 days prior to March 11

Business account members who wish to vote should talk with a CVCU team member.

How to register for the AGM

Members can register to attend the AGM by speaking to a member of the CVCU team or emailing reception@cvcu.bc.ca.

Meet the candidates running for the Board of Directors

Nola Milum

I was first recruited to the Board of Columbia Valley Credit Union 10 years ago and in that time I have learned so much about you, our members. I’ve also had to learn about the banking industry, and how CVCU fits within it, to make banking better - better for Members, and better for Community.

In my current role as Chair of the Conduct Review committee, I am accountable to ensure our compliance with both our Director’s Conflict of Interest policy and Code of Conduct. On your behalf, we review the performance of the CEO. This committee also works to make sure your directors have the training they need to do their best work on your behalf. For myself, that has meant passing the exam to become an accredited director through Dalhousie University.

I have deep roots in Golden, as does CVCU. In my current role as Manager of the Golden Government Liquor store I meet many of our community members, from long term to recent arrivals.

My focus this term is to support our management and staff to thrive through the rapid changes occurring in banking. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what supports members who need a loan or a mortgage, who need to save for their kid’s education or their own retirement.

Monica Parkinson

Giving back to the community that has always shown me support is why I wish to serve on the Columbia Valley Credit Union board of directors. The CVCU has helped raise our family with my first mortgage and growing our business, Parky’s Heating & Cooling for the past 20+ years. Born and raised in Golden I have witnessed how the CVCU has enhanced the development of our community by assisting small business growth and giving back financially.

Being an entrepreneur, I have learned it is essential to adapt and find creative solutions to the changing times. Ensuring the CVCU remains financially viable is critical to enable the tradition of partnering with the community to assist our members to live out all phases of their lives in Golden and area.

Over the years I have proven my commitment to our community by volunteering my time with various organizations. I served as chair 4 of my 6 years on the Kicking Horse Culture board. During this time, I took the lead with the Executive Director to implement the current policy governance structure. I also currently sit on the board of the Golden Community Resources Society, Metis Nation Columbia River Society, and the CBT Community Funds Local Selection Committee.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with the current experienced and diversified board members and the knowledge I will gain from serving the CVCU members.

Scott Weir

I have worked in finance for close to a decade. I have done both personal and business lending and helped find unique solutions for small business owners. From the bank I worked at, I moved on to helping to create and then coordinate the East and West Kootenay Community Investment Cooperatives. This allowed my work to be rooted in our community and allowed me to apply my unique experiences to building out a community-owned version of what I had done with crowdlending.

At the same time, my wife Alycia and I took over Kicking Horse Janitorial. We have grown it with a focus on providing high-quality service and sustainable, year-round employment. We are proud of our staff and what we have been able to give back to our community so far.

As a volunteer, I have served on many boards and committees over the past decade both on for-profit and non-profit organizations in Golden and elsewhere. I have received professional governance training at multiple points, hold an Indigenous Relations certificate and have a political science degree. Research, reading, analyzing and drafting policies are strengths of mine.

I am a very strong advocate of credit unions, cooperatives, and organizations that put finance into local hands. I want to be part of continuing CVCU’s role in making a difference in our community. I believe I bring skills, experience, and energy that will be useful in making that happen.

Special Resolution: Director Renumeration

Members are asked to vote on the following special resolution:

‘BE IT RESOLVED, as a special resolution, that the total annual director remuneration budget be increased from $40,000 to $60,000.’ 

  • The remuneration budget covers meeting attendance and annual honorarium payments.
  • The annual remuneration budget is the total budget for the entire Board, or all 7 directors.
  • The last time the annual director remuneration budget was increased was in 2011.

Notice of 2021 Results - Shareholder Interest & Loan Interest Refunds

The Board of Directors of Columbia Valley Credit Union has approved payment of:

  • 0.70% Interest on Class D Investment Savings Account
  • 7.50% Loan interest refund on all loan and mortgage interest paid (some conditions apply)

Over $482,000 was returned to our members in 2021, which includes $40,000 in donations to local community groups and causes.

How to vote

Voting is open March 11 at 12:01 am to April 11 at 11:59 pm.

Voting is closed. See you at the AGM.